Our 10 well drilling project in Benin

Drinking water, without which struggles against water-borne diseases that ravage human lives are futile, is much more than a rare luxury drink, even considered unattainable for some populations. It is a scandalous fatality not to have access to it, and this pushes “Youth in distress” to act.

The mission is to help remedy this relentless misery. To do this, we will make every effort to drill 10 wells in order to put an end to raging infections contracted in a banal way by drinking water: attacking the core problem.

New Project: PAAEPRE

This is a Support Project for Access to Drinking Water and the Reduction of Water-related Illnesses.

Our Literacy Project

Social and sustainable development cannot be achieved without certain minimum conditions. Women are very active in view of their autonomy and their well-being. But their efforts often end in failure because they cannot read or write their tongue ​​of expression.

The mastery of the language, and even more so that which is their own, is however an essential factor, to translate the realities which exist in the fields where they are active, in particular in terms of economy. During banking operations (loans among others, for example), women face enormous difficulties: keeping their accounts, controlling the flow of papers, these are all requirements which for them are a real headache.
Another area of ​​great dependence is health care, where they are unable to read and understand medical prescriptions for the proper administration of medication. In addition, during elections where women are called upon to make options available to them taking into account their living conditions, as well as to vote for candidates who can defend their causes, they go to the polls without really understanding the reasons that they are going. This explains the need to build up their capacity and give value to the efforts of women.
To get them out of illiteracy is to empower them. This requirement is a measure that will have a significant and invaluable impact at various levels for development that must be sustainable in terms of health, economy and governance.
To neglect this aspect is, on the contrary, to preserve this handicap which constitutes not only a barrier for women in their aspirations for development, but also an unprecedented damage for them.

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