Finalised Projects

First well drilled: Asouhoué

Inauguration: November 10th, 2014

Thank you to everyone

who contributed to the financing of the construction of the first two wells drilled. They are :

– our private donors;
– Swiss municipalities and parishes sensitive to projects;
– BESOF (Rep. Benin);
– our volunteers.

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Second well drilled: Sohounouhoué

One of the six fire hydrants

Inauguration May 8, 2016
Village: Sohounouhoué
District: Lalo
Department: Couffo

Water is life ! If you want it you can do it ! The second project took place in Sohounouhoué, in Lalo. The project serves several villages. From the well, the water drained by pipes leads to six standpipes, one for each village. Here are the photos showing populations happily drawing water at the inauguration.
Your donations make all the difference! Goodbye to waterborn diseases!

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