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About us

“Youth in Distress International” is a non profit-making association created in 2011 following a long period of reflection.
We work with trusted partners in countries that we know well, responding to immediate needs and addressing the root causes of poverty.
Our current priorities are to mobilise resources for improvements to schools and access to safe water and sanitation in Benin, Togo, Peru.
Our commitment to accountability and transparent reporting ensures that funds received are used for the purpose intended.
The association is tax exempt. That means all donors can deduct their donations when they draw up their tax returns.

Our Values

Our values are above all humanitarian, based on belief in and promotion of peace.
Listening to the most disadvantaged young people and helping them to think about their future, by means of practical action, including education. Young people are the future of every society.
The youth issue cuts across boundaries and arises in a variety of forms. Conditions of existence are varied, differing from one society to another. Some civilisations benefit from many centuries of work to create facilities which, fortunately, are passed from generation to generation, ensuring a heritage of secure value for their descendants. Others are struggling to find their way.

The purpose of

“Youth in Distress International” is to focus on the problems of the most disadvantaged young people, in developing countries, and to find ways to rescue them, by tackling poverty, youth poverty in partcular. The association’s objective is to work to help young people fulfil their potential.
We do this by means of training, education, organisation and basic infrastructure. The most important thing is to grasp the root of the problem. Nevertheless, there are pressing immediate needs such as safe drinking water, and literacy for women

The committee

At present, the committee of “Youth in Distress International” has three members.
Mme Christine Botchi Morel


Mme Anne Lachat


Mme Melle Olivia Morel

General secretary

How can I help?

Anyone can help the association Youth in Destress
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