How can I help?

Anyone can contribute by :

– becoming a member of the association;
– making donations;
– participating in association activities;
– being a volunteer, main activity of the association.

Fundraising specific collaboration methods exist in terms of partnership for companies.
Support projects:

1. Training and installation of Endogenous Master Alphabetizers (M.A.E.) for the integrated literacy of women in the Department of Couffo in Benin.
2. Construction of 10 boreholes in the Department of Couffo in Benin.

For Donations and Bequests:

Your donations are essential for our humanitarian work to be effective.

If you can, do not hesitate to show your generosity towards the disadvantaged and the needy.

Thank you in advance for your solidarity.

Youth in Distress CCP: 12-459160-7 IBAN: CH59 0900 0000 1245 9160 7

Banque Cantonale de Fribourg CCP: 17-49-3 Youth in Distress IBAN: CH87 0076 8300 1300 0400 8