The word of the Foundress

Mrs Christine BOTCHI MOREL
Ph D in Humanities and Social Sciences
In our study on “Women and sustainable development in Black Africa”, the question of youth, all sociological backgrounds combined, came up acutely. 

It is clear that a youth lacking the resources to ensure their development feels threatened and therefore resorts to all kinds of pernicious solutions such as prostitution, alcoholism, expatriation among others, to get out of it. Unfortunately, these solutions are just a last resort.
Lasting solutions to the problems of young people would be to aide them through appropriate education and training, taking into account their own socio-economic context. The future of a country depends on its human capital.
A long-term success rate resides in the young generation which must above all be preserved in societies with low literacy rates, societies which have had a oral transmission mechanism until now . Such a precaution is an avant-garde measure for the protection of the heritage of a given society, on several levels, hence the urgency of action to combat poverty. 
To achieve its goals, “Jeunesse en Distresse-Jugend in Not” is in direct collaboration with “Bénin Solidarité sans frontières”, an NGO whose objectives are similar to those which Jeunesse en Distresse has set for itself.

The delicate mission of “Youth in Distress-Jugend in Not“ is to seek funds for the implementation of two pilot projects in Couffo, in the southwest of Benin:

The first project concerns the drilling of a dozen wells so that populations have drinking water at their disposal;
The second project is aimed at training and literacy for women. This measure is essential and constitutes an incontestable emergency from a sustainability perspective.
However, it should be noted that the vision of the Youth in “Distress-Jugend in Not” Association extends its actions to developing countries in general. Wherever it feels able to intervene, the association will go.
“Jeunesse en distresse-Jugend in Not“ is in direct collaboration with BESOF ONG. The latter is responsible for coordinating any intervention in Africa as long as there are no obstacles hindering said action. “Jeunesse en Distresse” can decide at any time to carry out checks in the field.

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